Notes for List Owners


This is additional information for list owners. If you require additional assistance email mailman at

Note that by using the mailing list service, you are bound by the List Owners' Terms of Use.

Official Documentation

Read the documentation! You may want to peruse this page for an overview of possibilities first, but read the documentation!

Public or Private List?

Should your list be public or private? The answer depends a lot on the subject material and how the list being used. Here are some comparisons:

Mass Imports

If you are migrating from an existing mailing list, it is possible to import your existing list (read the Official Documentation for details).

However, before you do so, please let your existing list members know what you are doing so that they don't start getting mail from out of the blue and report the server to various antispam databases. This just pisses people off, including both your subscribers and me.


Your mailing list can potentially expose information and email addresses. Consider your responsibilities to your members and set things up appropriately:

Reducing or Eliminating Spam

This server uses various anti-spam measures that will normally block problems during the SMTP conversation. The nature of the beast, however, is that if your list address gets harvested (and it will, at least for public lists), then you as moderator or list owner will end up having to reject at least some inbound spam. How bad it gets and how much work is required by the moderators can be controlled by the list owner by the appropriate configuration decisions.

(Note that the only mail that is ever rejected by the server without the sender being notified is that which is positively identified as containing a computer virus. It is possible to configure individual mailing lists to reject or drop messages, but no such operations happen at the system level outside the control of the list owner.)

The effectiveness of some of the following options can be dependent on whether or not they are implemented at the time of list creation, or only after the address has been harvested by spammers.

Monthly List Reminders

By default, every list member will receive a monthly reminder of the lists to which they belong, how to reach the user's web interface, and what their password is. If they belong to more than one list on this server, they will get a single notification for all lists.

This Is A Good Thing.

It allows the users to more easily maintain their subscriptions and gives a sense of empowerment. It also reduces headaches of the "I don't want to be on your list anymore, get me off!" variety. If individual users don't like the reminders, they can disable them.

While it is possible to disable the reminders for an entire list, I would appreciate it if you did not do so. If you really want to make the mailing list totally transparent to them, stop using it and set up an alias on your personal mail client.