FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


The following are common questions regarding using the mailing lists. Please also read the Official Users' Guide as it has much more information than is available here.

My web browser say's that I should't trust your web site!

Please see the notes on Self-Signed Certificates.

How do I change my preferences (subscribed address, name, delivery options)?

If you have the monthly password reminders mailed out to you, you can click on the link in that email and it will take you straight to your configuration page (once you provide your password).

If you don't have that email handy, use your web browser to visit the options page for your list. The URL will be of the form

where you replace LISTNAME with the name of your list. So, for example, you are a member of the fubar@lists.gno.org mailing list, your options page would be at
Once you have found that page, you can provide your email address and list password to login. (You can also use that page to get a password reminder.)

How do I enable sending to the list from more than one email address?

The normal way to do this is to subscribe from multiple addresses, and then, for any address to which you do not want mail sent, disable message deliver by logging into the web interface, scrolling down to the Subscription Options section, find the Mail delivery option, click Disabled, and then click the Submit My Changes button at the bottom.

If the list owner feels that certain non-member addresses should be allowed to post to the list, he has the capability of allowing it.

What Criteria Should I Use for Filtering Mailing List Messages?

If you filter your email to (for example) sort your incoming mail, you can identify messages coming through this mailing list server by the value of the List-Id header. Whether or not you are actually able to filter your email is, of course, either a function of your email provider's server or your mail client, and is outside the scope of this server's functionality.

Moderators and list owners should note that filtering on the List-Id will catch not only catches the main list traffic but also moderation messages.

This server also does "spam scoring" of any mail that gets through the spam filters; it is a judgement as to the liklihood that a given message is spam. The header that holds the spam score is X-GnoLists-MailScanner-SpamScore. If that header exists, its value will be a string of one or more "s" characters. The more characters, the more likely it is that the message is spam. Probably a reasonable starting point is anything with four or more "s" characters ("ssss") is spam and can be deleted.

Names and addresses are never given or sold to other sites. The maintainer of this site detests UCE/UBE (spam) and will not knowingly contribute to its propagation.

Why Does My Password Get Mailed To Me Every Month?

There are a few reasons for this:

If you would prefer to not receive monthly reminders, you can optionally disable the reminders in your list preferences.