Self Signed Certificates


This site uses a self-signed certificates for SSL encryption.

While you should never accept self-signed certificates for things like online banking or purchases, there is nothing wrong with such certificates for sites like this where SSL primarily helps prevent password stealing or session hijacking. That is, there is a difference between encryption and trust. A self-signed certificate provides encryption, but does not make use of trusted third parties to vouch for the authenticity of the certificate.

If you have instructions for environments not listed here, please email them to Devin Reade for inclusion (and attribution) on this page.

Accepting Self-Signed Certificates in Web Browsers

The following pages describe how you get various web browsers to accept a self-signed certficate:

Removing SSL Certificates

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a self signed certificate (such as when it expires). See the following links for how to do this for different systems: