Mailing List Owners' Terms of Use


The mailing lists at this site are hosted under the understanding that each list will not have a noticable impact on other site users, including not having excessive resource usage (network, disk, etc). By having your list hosted by this site, you agree to the following points. Failure to follow these rules may result in your list being shut down and removed, possibly without notice:

  1. Lists must be "Opt-In". This normally means that users must sign themselves up if they are interested in the list. Under some circumstances, it is sufficient that users have voluntarily provided their email addresses to you for the purpose of receiving correspondence on the subject of the list. Having someone provide their address for this purpose on a paper or web form, for example, is acceptable.

  2. Do not run a list which allows unrestricted posting. Your list must either be fully moderated, or must restrict posts to list members and/or other specific addresses.

  3. If you run a public list, you must configure it so that subscription requests require the user to respond to an email confirmation. (This was the default setting when your list was created.) This is to prevent this site from being a source of third-party mail abuse.

  4. Do not allow your list to become a source of spam. Some options at your disposal are described in the owner notes.

  5. No advertising, selling, or other related commercial activity is permitted without prior agreement.

  6. Before subscribing people to your list, you must configure the Introductory Description under the General Options section, and keep it maintained through the life of the list. You may also want to examine at least the "Welcome email text file" under the "Edit the public HTML and text files" link (top right-hand corner of the configuration page).

  7. Keep your footprint small. Don't let overly large attachments through the list (see your maximum posting size setting). If you're getting hundreds of users, consider using the scrub setting where attachments are replaced by links to the attachments in the message archive. If you're getting thousands of users, contact mailman at to see if your impact is large enough that you should be looking into another provider.

  8. The list owners are ultimately responsible for the behavior of the list. You may use moderators as necessary, but you are still responsible for list traffic.

  9. By default, lists are created such that messages will have a footer that includes a link to the list information page. Please keep that link in the footer or otherwise available to your users.

No warranty of any sort is provided. Services are provided "As-Is" and "Reasonable Effort".

If you require clarification or extra information on the above, please contact mailman at for assistance.