Requesting a New Mailing List


First off, new list requests will only be honoured if they are submitted by someone personally known by Devin to be associated with one of this site's supported organizations. If I don't know you, then go through your appropriate rep, such as Mark, Jim, or Mary-Lou.

People wanting to act as list owners must read the Mailing List Owner's Terms of Use. Operating a mailing list on this server implies that they agree to it.

Next, email me the following information:

  1. The short list description. Eg: The "Left-Handed Red-Haired Pipefitter's Dance Group"

  2. The desired first part of the list address. Eg: Asking for lr-pipefitters would result in a list address of

  3. The email address(es) of the list owner(s). Typically there would be one or two list owners.

    Later, the list owner can add moderators. Moderators can authorize postings and subscription requests. Owners can do that plus configure lists, including changing list and moderator passwords.

  4. Whether or not the list should initially be public. See the Owner Notes.

  5. Whether or not the list should initially be archived (This can also be changed later.)

  6. Whether or not list members should be able to see who else is on the list. (This can also be changed later.)

  7. Whether or not list members should by default be moderated (that is postings must be approved). The user's moderation flag can be enabled and disabled on a user-by-user basis.

The canonical list name will be of the form If you wish, you can make an email alias that points to that list name so that you might (for example) publish a list address of lr-pipefitters@weirdtrades.tld which then forwards to the real list address. This might make it easier for your subscribers, or make it more aesthetically pleasing, however be aware that doing so reduces the efficiency of this server's antispam measures and you may (at least for public lists) wind up dealing with more moderation requests than you would if you had published just the canonical address.