Privacy Policy


This document outlines the privacy policy of the GNO Consortium List Server.

We (the GNO Consortium) take a dim view of spam and spend a significant amount of effort to reduce or eliminate it, not only for ourselves but those using our services. Consequently, email addresses are never sold, given, or otherwise provided to third parties except as otherwise described in this document.

While some policies are system wide, a certain amount of lattitude has been granted to the various mailing lists hosted by this server. Depending on the policy of the individual mailing list:

Often these policies can be deduced from the list itself, such as the existence or visibility of the list archives. If you have questions regarding a specific list, please contact the list owner. The List Terms of Use which bind list owners gives further details regarding acceptable list behavior.

Additional aspects of our privacy policy are:

If you find anything regarding this site which seems to be contrary to the above policy, or if you have questions regarding this policy, please contact mailman at