Operational Differences Between Majordomo2 and Mailman


This site used to use Majordomo2 for list management, but has since been migrated to GNU Mailman. As a consequence of this move, various things have changed from the old system:

  1. Any old list passwords will have changed. Check your new subscription notifications for details.

  2. Mailman will, by default, mail you a password reminder once per month. If you don't want to receive this periodic traffic, you can disable it in your list preferences.

  3. Some lists are configured so that they don't modify the Reply-To header in email. That means that when you reply to a message on the list, your reply may go to just the original poster (depending on your mail client). When you reply to list traffic, take note of where your replies are going.

  4. If you have email filters to (for example) sort your incoming mail, they will have to updated to reflect the recent changes. See the FAQ for details.

  5. While various anti-spam measures are in still use, we are going to try to avoid using greylisting. This will reduce latencies (and some problems) some people were seeing posting to the lists.

  6. Various email addresses used by Majordomo (such as owner-LISTNAME@lists.gno.org) are no longer in use. Please consult the current mailman List Member Manual and this site's FAQ.